Can you guess the greatest technology on Earth? 

About US

What do you think about when you hear the words Technology and or Information Technology? 

WE are I.T. | I.T. is YOU | Together we can raise our I.Q.

Located in Houston, The I.Q.S.E.C. is a tech-centric company dedicated to the maintenance, optimization, customization, and advancement of the Human Operating System. The company operates across various industries, but currently zeroes in on the Neurotech sector. Why Neurotech? Because the brain, the core of the Human Operating System, is often undervalued. 

It is essential to acknowledge that the world and all it encompasses are manifestations of information technology. In the current landscape of information technology, we come to a crucial realization: our choice of interface engineers and defines our "Inner Space." While we skillfully navigate the complexities of the internet, we often overlook our "INNER NET," the enigmatic workings of the brain. Society faces a silent crisis: Neuro-Tech (The Brain) Neglect. We tend to treat symptoms superficially, leaving our Human Operating System dependent on IOS (Illusions of Solutions) —not to be mistaken with Apple's operating system. This IOS epitomizes the outdated "one-size-fits-all" approach to life's challenges and experiences.

The brain contributes immensely to our existence, but what are we actually doing for it? The time has come for Neuro-Tech (The Brain) Respect.

Our Mission

Enabling individuals to access their "INNER NET" (The brain operating in synchrony with the rest of the human body.)

We are continually shaped by our distinct daily life experiences, which merit solutions tailored to those experiences. The I.Q. S.E.C. strives to elevate consciousness about the significance of brain health, encompassing both the hardware (physical) and software (mental) aspects, and how neglecting it can impact our entire Human Operating System. 

Access Management starts with YOU

Our Vision

Our vision goes beyond the traditional concept of "Mental Health" and "Well-Being." We encourage you to let go of any preconceived notions, as we are dedicated to fostering a world that emphasizes Holistic Brain Health.

Our aim is to acknowledge the brain's pivotal role in shaping daily human experiences and decisions, envisioning a future where there is a close collaboration between humans and their brain. We are dedicated to leading the way toward a future where individuals actively engage with their brain, enabling themselves and others to manage access as needed. This ethos transcends mere self-empowerment; it is the empowerment of humanity that forms the cornerstone of our philosophy, and together, we strive to forge a better world. Being selective about what you introduce into your "INNER NET" is essential. Our innovative solutions facilitate constant communication with the brain, providing individuals with the essential tools to thrive in today's dynamic world, as well as in the future.

"We merge the Holistic with the Futuristic to enhance the Realistic Human Experience."

-The I.Q. S.E.C.

Holistic + Futuristic = EHE

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