Can you guess the greatest technology on Earth? 

Preventing Neuro-Tech Neglect

Engineering Wearable Neurotechnology

Our brain is always communicating with us, but are we paying attention? 

At the I.Q. S.E.C., we recognize that the world around us constantly engineers our HOS. This engineering shapes how we interact with ourselves and our environment. Every time we interact, we are prone to being "Hacked". We are engineering technology that empowers YOU to secure your "INNER NET". Hence, our proprietary non-invasive solutions evolve in real-time, tailored to your unique experiences. Holistic Self-mastery is the master key to your EHE (Enhanced Human Experience). 

Give the brain the admiration it deserves.
Embrace Neuro-Tech (The Brain) Respect—the key to unlocking the full potential of your HOS (Human Operating System).

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" Often times we are consumed by the Black and White aspects of this world... We tend to forget that...

The Grey Matters 

The Gray Matters "

-The I.Q. S.E.C.

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